June 1, 2007

CDAA 2007 Conference

2007's CDAA (Canadian Doll Artists Association) conference was held in Ottawa this year. My friend Jolene flew in from Winnipeg and we spent a few days before we took off for Ottawa visiting Toronto's Soho - Queen West, Harbour Front, creating pin dolls, shopping, creating masks for our banquet night costume and generally running amok and tossing our craft supplies about.

We head off for Ottawa on Wednesday morning with every intention of seeing some sites after we check in but our room wasn't ready yet and I was wiped from the drive. It wasn't until later in the weekend that we got to see the sights and some of the Tulip festival. We got some groceries in and met with fellow dollmakes in the lobby then hit the sack. Conference accommodations were rough. We stayed at Algonquin college residence and while we were one of the lucky ones who had a handicapped room and lots of space the rooms were DIRTY!!! Elevators were extremely slow — when they worked at all and there was an awful lot of walking going on! The food for the events was amazing though and so was the host!!!

First Class: Facing Faces
I attended Marilyn Halcomb's Facing faces class on Thursday and it was amazing. That little lady has the most welcoming personality and the class wasn't intimidating in the least. We all had a blast! It' amazing how different everyone's faces turned out. Too bad I rushed my eyebrows on my guy ... they ended up in his hairline...lol
Jolene and I renewed friendships ans sold raffletickets on the Thursday evening reception and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and CDAA entertainment followed by the general meeting. Bought some raffle tickets but of course didn't win a thing!

Nest Class: Costuming
The next couple of days were Adele's Costuming class for me and while I did it last year I still learned so much! If anyone get the opportunity Don't hesitate to take that class!!!! Adele is a wonderful teacher.

Jolene had cousins visit with us during the banquet and a great time was had by all. There were some wonderful Judy mannequins for everyone to take home.

Round tables were also a hit! I took Lydia's foot armature class, a make up class, and a ribbon emboidery class and I can't wiat to put all of them to work for me!

If you haven't been to a Doll conference yet and make your own dolls, I highly recommend it!!

Making Hematite Star Flower Earrings