September 21, 2010

Another great treasury!

I've been featured in another great treasury this one by ArjasUni who does some beautiful work! Check out some of the wonderful blue items she has collected for this treasury!

September 19, 2010

September 14, 2010

My Slippery When Wet Treasury on Etsy

I just created another etsy treasury, this time for the Etsy.... everything wonderful in life!
A group I belong to trying to get our work to the front page of Etsy.
Hope you like it!

September 8, 2010

Love a Good Goat Treasury

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd...
I've been featured in this unusual goat treasury by nhquiltarts on etsy.

She makes the most glorious quilts. This one is my favourite!

September 6, 2010

This weekends Experiment Wet Felting and Nuno Felting

I worked on several felted scarves this weekend.
The first wet felting: For my first time I think it's ok. Some thin spots, that's ok, gives it character. I used some needle felting wool for the first layer of black then another layer of combed fibre or roving. I didn't have enough to do it all with roving.

I think I'll try the nuno felting tomorrow. I have a piece of silk guaze to try it on. Uses less wool fibre and as I don't have that much of any one colour. I have lots of the light blue for some reason... so I might save that for another felted scarf attempt.

Okay same post... different day. Today I made two attempts at Nuno Felting. I had some silk gauze in my stash so cut a couple of pieces and tried to felt them together. The first one I used fibres on front and back and tried to join two pieces of silk together while felting. Results kind of like it was just wet felt. The fibres covered too much of the silk so it didn`t wrinkle up like it should have. Not soft either and the join shows a gap between the two pieces of silk that didn't felt up properly or most likely shifted during the process.

The second one is green and white and black is softer less silk covered. It is soft and more silky though and it's just a short one... just enough to tie around the neck or wrist a couple times. Fibres only on one side. I like it better.

I'll try it again for sure. I find the rolling relaxing and the laying out of the fibres a creative experiment.  I found this wonderful website that got me excited about trying it out. There are great video's to accompany the written text too! Have fun!  Here's the link

Etsy Reflections of Autumn With Warm Brandy

Golden autumn colors, a sense of melancoly as we gaze into the fire with a warm brandy and warm arm around our shoulder. The skitter of leaves drifting down the sidewalk, squirrels hiding away their bounty, harvest coming to fruition.