June 22, 2009

Elements Challenge on ADO

1. What inspired you to participate in the Elements challenge? Which Element(s) have you decided to do?
I was a member of the Canadian Doll Artists Association and the theme for the conference challenge that year was the Elements. Actually even for the original conference, the request was for any one of the four elements but I couldn't get past the idea of my Solstice Circle. So I did all four. Earth was my first, I created her shortly after taking a class with Doll Artist Kathyrn Walmsley on a polymer clay elf at the previous conference and added the others slowly until the next conference.
When they announced the challenge for Elements on ADO I checked to see if my entry would qualify and couldn't wait!! I love the way the piece turned out and didn't really get a chance to share it with anyone before I sold it.

2. What materials were used in creating your pieces? How long did it take you to create your piece?
I used a mixture of Super Sculpey and Cernit for all the dolls, styrofoam for rocks, some actual pebbles and resin for a water puddle, recycle sari silk for the fire, lots of ribbons, beads and wool for hair.

3. What was the easiest aspect of creating the piece? What was the most challenging?
Easily the most challenging aspect was creating the base, I had never done anything like that before and working with the four elements I definitely needed a base. The easiest, I had a pretty clear story in my head so I knew what I wanted them to look like.

4. Did you learn anything or feel you've accomplished anything new through this artwork?

I was pretty new to sculpting, so the whole sculpting experience and materials were new to me. Working through the process over the period of about 8 months or so gave me a little time to develop my skills and a feel for the material. I now LOVE sculpting and though I don't use Cernit any longer... no particular reason other than availability... I will never stop sculpting and trying new materials and looking for new props!

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