June 18, 2008

Meet Mookie a Caffeinated Hand Puppet

I'm still working on clearing away some projects that I started but haven't finished.... just in case I have to move! Last week was a bust on the job hunt front... though I have a couple interviews this week... in the meantime, I search the web for the illusive perfect job and break for puppets... lol

I created Mookie after I added a puppet tutorial to my blog last week. You can see Mookie's brother Murple's creation a few posts back.

Mookie is Murple's biggest fan and often tags along on Murple's Karaoke adventures. Mookie's a little wired because he is a barrista at the local coffee shop. He can lead you into in-depth discussions about the best temperate regions for coffee bean growth and swears he's close personal friends with Juan Valdez. I don't know about that Mookie, but I bet there is some Columbian in your circle of close personal friends.

hee, hee!

Half the fun in a hand-puppet is making up a story to go with them.

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Maryellen said...

Welcome to Art doll Makers. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I love your peeps.