February 14, 2010

Burlesque continues...

Looking more corset like now. 
I added some ribbon to make it look like corset ribbing, and some beautiful trim.

And from the back.

A New Project - Burlesque Doll

This one is still a work in progress. Wire armature with a cloth doll. The Burlesque is part of a challenge on ADO. Here she is so far. Body, legs and the start of her costume.

I'm working on the arms... been through several sets already. I think I will have to paint the gloves on that I want.  After fruitless attempts to turn little satin fingers, I've gone back to the main body fabric and have had success... finallyh... turning the tiny fingers. Here's a picture.

I'm working on the costume some more, want to make it look more like a corset.  

February 12, 2010

Sally's Traveling Doll

I've finished off the mocassins for the first traveling doll today. I also finished my entries for the journal. Journalling is really a lot of work! it's kind of like blogging but you can add texture and dimension to it by adding material things. Fun, but a lot of work.
My fingers are so sore from stitching through the deer skin, the first couple layers of skin will probably peel off over the next couple days. I ended up having to use my pliers to pull the needle through and had to press against my table to get the needle to go through the layers of leather. Now I know why they use an awl to drill the holes first... just too tiny to use one on this project.
Here are some pictures of the finished boots and the journal pages I created.

February 11, 2010

Getting Fitted for a New Pair of Boots

Sally's Traveling Doll is being fitted for a new pair of boots. 
Progress is also being made on the journal.

February 8, 2010

Sally's Traveling Doll

Sally's traveling doll, my first of the series I will receive to work on has arrived! I'm so excited.
Her accompanying journal is wondrous and I have barely glimpsed between it's covers. I really need to sit down and absorb it.

I know that "The Doll" will have an amazing, spiritual journey.. because it's already begun!
Here she is consulting with a Canadian Forest Spirit.

Stay tuned for more!

February 7, 2010

My Reluctant Prince

I finally finished off my Reluctant Prince.

I call him reluctant because though he is entitled to his crown he prefers not to wear it.

A romantic at heart, he longs to be loved by who he is not what he wears on his head.

I'll soon post him for sale on Etsy.
I love creating dolls, trying new techniques and exploring the world of figurative art.

I was inspired a bit by the anime characters when I created this one. I've been told he looks a little like Adam Lambert and someone even thought a little Nicholas Cage... not sure that I see that.He is kind of a glam rocker though... maybe in an alternate life.

Ah, poor Prince... all that responsibility.

February 6, 2010

Forest Spirit

While I'm waiting for my Traveling Doll to come in the mail via Royal Post from the UK I decided to finish up my Forest Spirit.

I've added more depth to my faux tree bark fabric with several dry-brushed coats of paint. A little mossy colour was added too.

I then applied some faux tree moss. The hobby shops are a great place for these little textured bits of foam. Looks so real.

February 2, 2010

The Traveling Doll Journey begins....

The Traveling Doll Project has had an amazing start. Cindy Sowers has introduced us to all the participants this year by writing a short profile and including pictures from all the doll artists.

In the meantime everyone has been busy creating their first doll and now most of them have shipped. While we wait for the dolls to arrive to their next destination we have all written a blog draft which Colleen will be posting in team order. One post per day with each team.

Needless to say we are all pretty psyched and waiting for our own little surprise in the mail.
The blog posts will start tomorrow. But you can read and follow along here: http://adotravelingdollproject.blogspot.com/ Please book mark it in your favorites and follow the blog!

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