September 3, 2012

Big To Do List

I had a pretty ambitious to do list going into this weekend, and althought I got through some of the items.. pretty much none of it was housework. Maybe I'll make up for that today or maybe not. It's been a beautiful last weekend of summer.
I've been stocking up my shops for the Christmas rush, making some more bead knitted cuffs that have been selling like crazy at work. I hope they'll be the thing everyone wants this Christmas but I just never know. I do know I love making them, choosing bead varieties and colours and finally knitting it all together watching the texture come alive. I just want to eat it's so yummy looking at the end. So here's a pic of some of the new stuff I added to my Jewelry and Accessories Shop.

I've also been playing with Kumihimo, it's a Japanese Braiding technique. I started right in with the beads of course, I never seem begin at the beginning. As a result I definitely need more practice. I have one piece that I turned into a necklace for myself, (see the piece on the bottom right of the picture). I hope to play some more with this in the coming weeks. I've seen some wonderful work at craftshows over the summer and I am intrigued.

I have also been playing with some paper clay this weekend and going a little batty! I had birds and bats on the brain I guess. So here's where I'm at with them. I like the way the birds are turning out so will likely make some more of those. The bats were fun but the wings were a pain. My paper clay was kind of hard, I had to really condition it to bring it back to a workable state.

I had also hoped to work on my Evil Queen Sculpt but my apartment is still to warm to work with Polymer clay.
So left on the to do list? So many things, some shop admin stuff, cleaning, laundry, ironing, and working on a new cloth doll pattern. As long as I don't look at my book or out the window I should be fine! LOL

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