July 30, 2010

WIP The Healer

I started working on the Healer around the same time as the Satyr. For some reason my sculpting figures all end up being male so in an effort to conquer that I tried an elderly female head. Not for me the pretty fairy figure I guess. Which is fine with me, I love the character that is expressed in an elderly face. A face with wrinkles says so much more! It's easier to create all these wrinkles in clay perhaps than cloth, maybe that's it.

After painting in the face, a wash of colour to show the aging detail, a light blush on the cheeks, light wash of colour on the lips and detail in her rhuemy eyes. I bulked out her body, attached her hands and feet, sewn some skin on her and began costuming and hair.

After this shot I realized I wanted her hair in an upsweep and her costume needed more colour. 

Now she needed to hold something she was healing. A bird!
A little more work still required. She needs something in her hair. The crown I made didn't work... still thinking about the possibilities....

July 20, 2010

Super Molly's Mom and her Super Art Capes

I met someone through facebook today, she wrote me to tell me I won a Super Molly Art Cape. Isnt' social networking wonderful! I was thrilled.
Although I have no children of my own I know a few special kids through my friends at work and thought it would be wonderful to pay it forward and run an auction for the Super Cape at work and give the proceeds to our Charity campaign.
I'm not sure how it will work yet but I wanted to introduce you to my new friend, neighbour and all round special person.

Kerry, a Hamilton Ontario neighbour has opened an etsy shop only a few short months ago.

She tells me superMOLLY capes started entirely by accident. She made a really, truly sad cape for her daughter one year for Hallowe'en, that's when superMOLLY the superhero was "born." A few years later, she needed a birthday present for one of her school friends, and thought, "why not see if I can do something... well, super?" So she made another for another friend's birthday... and finally, she got around to replacing Molly's old, sad cape with something pink and shiny, and generally more befitting her superhero-y status... She wore it to school one day and before Kerry knew what had happened, she'd sold four of them on the playground. With some prodding from her friend Jonah over at BabAzOoBeE, she opened an etsy store superMOLLYcape.etsy.com, and the rest is history. She's had a fun few months!

She is also working with the Victim's Services division of our local police service to see if they can work out the logistics of making superhero capes for the bears given out through the Trauma Bear program. She has a group of volunteer sewing gurus waiting for the go-ahead to make a few hundred bear capes to donate to the program. That's going to be so much fun!

Kerry admits she's pretty lucky. She has a superkid who rocks, and she gets to share what she loves to do with new people every day. I say you are very, very lucky Kerry!
Congratulations and I wish you continued success!

Please be sure and check out what makes Molly's mom so very, very lucky and read her blog! You won't regret it! 

Here are some more of Molly SuperCape products available on etsy! Click on the photo to go to the listing!

July 15, 2010

As seen in Contemporary Doll Magazine Sept 10 issue

I've just had one of my pieces published in a magazine. I couldn't be happier. Okay so you can tell it's the first time. To be along side some of my favorite artists is truly wonderful. I rushed out and bought two copies of the issue. See page 15 to find my Dazzling Diva, my Burlesque doll. She is a 15" cloth doll with a paper clay face mask. Available for sale in my etsy shop.

July 8, 2010

Wonderland: ADO Blog Event

Okay so  you will be able to tell which one is my favourite! I loved Helen as the Red Queen, the doll doesn't do her justice but it was so much fun. I love her stockings ... unfortunately you don't see them in my photos. Tried a new techinque on all the dolls. 
I never did finish the White Queen but I absolutely loved her character portrayed by Anne Hathaway in the movie. 
I must admit I'm very happy with the way Alice turned out as well. Looks more like the character than I thought she would. 
And of course no one could quite capture Johnny as the Mad Hatter. I'll have to work on that in another sculpt. ENJOY the tour of all the ADO's participants in the WONDERFUL WONDERLAND EVENT!
See them all on sale at my etsy shop!

July 5, 2010

Satyr WIP continues


My work on my Satyr continues with the wrapping of his body with quilt batting. I've also glued on his hooves and hands. 
Next step adding his skin. I use lycra, like that used in control top underwear actually. No I didn't recycle. LOL I cut the fabric, pin it in place and sew it directly on the body. I won't do his legs as they'll be covered with fur. Which is the next step.

Okay, fur is in place. I haven't trimmed the hair on his lower legs yet. I'll wait until I costume further to see what I want to do. I have trimmed the fur at his waist. You can see the darker colour as I've trimmed off the lighter top hairs on the fur.
I've made him a shirt with cuffs, added a belt and leather vest. At this point I know he'll need some support to stand. The armature wire I used is not tough enough, nor does it extend out the bottoms of his feet. So as he is elderly, I'll add a cane that will extend into the base. For the base I'm using a peice of wood that I've drilled a hole into for the cane wire. I will cover the base with apoxie sculpt so it looks like mud and fix the dolls feet into that mud for added support. 

And now he's attached to his base. I'll still probably add some little stones, moss and some varnish to the base before it's complete.


July 3, 2010

WIP Satyr working with Living Doll

I found a new clay and anyone who knows me, knows that that means I'll be playing and discovering it and posting new Work in Progress pics as I play. Sometimes I wish I had four arms or a camera in my head so that I could show you exactly how I make the hands or sculpt the face but I will have to make do with interval pictures.
I sculpted a head on an armature of foil and it became an elderly Satyr.

He has an honest, open and friendly expression. I loved the Living Doll clay. Found it somewhat hard, although it warms as you work. In that case I put it down for a while. I doesn't take a lot of tools marks but is easy to blend when you add clay (before baking).

I didn't use an armature in the hands and fingers and yet they have survived the rough handling of clothing. I usually end up breaking fingers so I must admit I am impressed.

Now I build up the body armature with wire aluminum foil and masking tape and begin putting the colour wash on the face. I use a light purple where the softer more transparent areas of the skin are. Around the eyes. I brush on a watered down bit of colour and blot it up with a sponge. Repeating until I get the look I want. Then I do the same with Raw Umber all over. The paint traps in the wrinkles and warms the colour of the clay. Next I use a watered down burgundy to add colour to the cheeks and lips and paint in the eyes.

I'll continue on with covering his body with skin, fur and adding his feet next time.
Hope you enjoyed the post!

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