June 30, 2010

Lunch & Learn Puppet Building

I belong to our company's charity fundraising team. We were a little tired of the same old pizza lunches, chili cookoffs, bake sales and pub nites and they were looking for suggestions. I thought doing lunch and learns where we can learn skills from outside the office and learn about and from each other about things we do outside of work. Things like photography, knitting, flytying, card making, scrapbooking, cooking, etc. things that would be very welcome deviations from the normal everyday and a creative outlet for stress.

I agreed to kick off with something really wild and advertised a Puppet Building Lunch & Learn. Although I had a lot of people accept there was the enevitable drop off due to busy schedules. The seven that did turn out were very enthusiastic and they had a wonderful time!

We had a blast, everyone went home with their puppet and raised some money for the charity too!
So honey what did you do at work today?

June 13, 2010

Travelling Doll: Chloe Arrives in Toronto

A rainy and cold day but a surprise in the mail when I arrived home shivering. Cindee Moyer's doll Chloe with her gorgeous tortouise button eyes had arrived from England with a new dress and more found things in her hair.

With a cup of tea and a cuddle with the cat we sat down to read her travelling journal together and made plans for what she wanted me to add to her costume.

Well it looked like we had a cold and rainyweekend in store for us... so although Chloe really wanted a raincoat or at least an umbrella, we couldn't find anything that would work in my stash of fabrics.

So we went on an adventure to see what we could find at Canada's Textile Museum. The museum has a wonderful rummage or yard sale twice a year and Chloe was just in time to join me!

While there we found some wonderful knit samples and some yummy hot pink silk dupioni. Success! Hopeful that the weather would warm up and that there would be no rain in Texas which was the next stop on her journey, we made some ribbon embellished stockings and silk flats.

We had a lovely time together, I'll miss you Chloe, hope you have a wonderful visit with Abi before you return home.