November 27, 2010

New Listings in my Etsy Shop - Lots on sale!

I've been busy preparing my shop for Christmas, listed lots of new jewelry and a couple more puppets. I organized it into sections based on price... not sure that I like it that way but it should help people find the deals they are looking for this season. It seems more disorganized to me that way.

I've used the Etsy On Sale tool to add discounts of 25 and 50% on items and so far so good.
Some of my jewellery on sale 

I've sold a bunch of jewellery at work, and some patterns and accessories on etsy.

And two new puppets!  Billy Bob and Emma Lou who make wonderful traditional toys and companions that inspire imagination and are great for story telling. Also a blast to make! I have a puppet kit and puppet pattern on sale in my shop too!

November 21, 2010

Chaplin Mission Complete

All signed and ready to go. Just need to find a big enough box to fit him and some bubble wrap!
I'm definitely proud of this one, and I got to try a few new things, like felting the hat. There are some thing I would do differently too. I got away from fleshing out the body fully when I'm doing costuming like this, but this guy could have used more butt.
I think he took a full 7 days to complete when I look back although with working full time and life getting in there I managed to stretch it out to a month.

I hope that Lyndsay, the receiver of this commission loves him as much as I did working on him!

November 20, 2010

Working on my Charlie Chaplin - His Cane and Base

I've added apoxie to the wire cane, drilled through the wood box, inserted the cand and applies a thin coat of apoxie to the base for the textured ground he'll be standing on. The paint bottle is just supporting his cane in position while it dries.  Excuse the mess on my table I've got several projects on the go.

Well Charlie is finally standing on his own. Well the help of his cane any ways. Just need to paint them up and they'll be ready to go.

More WIP with Charlie Chaplin His Hair

Finally Charlie has hair. My friend Jolene in Winnipeg had the perfect curly locks. SO she sent them in the mail. They arrived Thursday and I couldn't wait to get at him this morning. I've used straight mohair for the main coverage, the shorter bits round the sides and back of his head and the curly wool for the top. It's a dishevelled look that's perfect under his felted bowler.

Now I need to find a base for him and make his cane. A few touch ups to eyes and nails and he'll be ready!

November 13, 2010

Work on Charlie Continues

Okay, I've shortened his vest, pressed and hemmed his jacket and tacked down the lapels. He's looking good. Still needs some hair and a cane. I'm about done for today I think.
I need to work on some other projects I've got on the go... but first a nap I think... isn't that what weekends are for?

More WIP with Charlie Chaplin - Jacket continues

Okay it really needs pressing and I've got some finishing work to do, like the lapel and collar... Oh yeah, and the vest is way too long, I'll have to shorten it. I am happy with the progress. Once Charile gets some proper hair and moustache and of course he'll be on track. Of course he still needs a cane and some finesse with his pose. I think today is a good day!

More WIP with Charlie Chaplin - Jacket

Today's the day I managed to sew back to fronts and inside out, so I pulled them apart and started again... then I sewed the sleeve in backwards... take it apart and start again. This fabric frays like crazy and I'm not a fan of fray check it gums up the needle. Take a break... and lay off the coffee...

Speaking of needles did I mention I broke two? You didn't think I do it right the first time did you?
Here are my progress pics.

Now to hem it and try it on to see if I got the size anywhere close to being right.

November 12, 2010

More WIP with Charlie Chaplin

I redid the first pair of pants... too bulky with pockets, pleats and waistband with belt loops and not quiet baggy enough. This pair is just right if a little bit baggier in the waist that I wanted. But with suspenders they look perfect. They'll be covered up with his jacket and vest anyways but I wanted to get them right.

Here he has his shirt, tie and suspenders on with his pants.

 And then with his vest.
 oops, the pictures look a big crooked...

 I dread the thought of making his jacket... uggh! The vest is easy compared to that! fitting those sleeves in and making that collar... yikes! His hair is coming in the mail. I have a friend sending me some curly wool that will be perfect! I hope!

November 9, 2010

Ok, Yes, I'm a bit of a Gleek

I don't watch a whole lot of television, but must admit I'm addicted to Glee. I get so disappointed when the show airs a rerun instead of a new episode. 
I'm psyched to get home sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch Sue demoralize another student and the rest of the cast sing their way through teenage angst!
Are you a "Gleek"?

Tonight:  Never Been Kissed
Finn and Sam find an unconventional way to control their urges, so some of the other glee kids start using it, too. But Coach Beiste gets wind of it and isn't pleased.

Nov 16: Substitute
A substitute teacher (Gwyneth Paltrow) takes over Mr. Schuester s Spanish class when he gets sick; when Sue fills in for Principal Figgins, she tries to flex his power on campus.
Can't wait to see Gwyneth in this role!!

Making Hematite Star Flower Earrings