September 25, 2011

New Pieces Hot off the pliers

I've been creating some new jewellery to freshen up my shop, found some great vintage pieces this summer at estate sales that were dying for a makeover.

I  also realized, when I was sorting through my shop, that I had sold all my copper and silver linked bracelets so I made a few new pieces.

It's been a beautiful weekend so I tried to get outside a bit too. I went to a movie with Mom and Sis last night. Have you seen Sarah's Key? I read the book a few months ago and had no idea they made a movie about it until my sister suggested it. I loved the movie... I had no idea that went on in France during the war.

I also traded a wicker bookcase for a dvd storage unit with my mom. I'm using the video storage piece for my paints and ribbons! Good idea huh? Fits perfectly under my long narrow desk.

September 10, 2011

What is it with Fall

I don't understand why it is that as the summer weather starts to wind down or should I say chill down that I find myself with the urge to pick up my yarns and needles again!
I mean most days it's still hot and sticky and the thought of hairy yarns on my lap makes me shudder but I do sort through my yarns and get them all organized and am usually inspired to create something new.

I learned to crochet a few months back so have been practising that usually with cotton but I made a monkey and lamb hat a few weeks ago. And after a sort and clean up of my yarn truck I was inspired to make this wonderful neckwarmer, scarf wrap. I never know what to call these things... they are so soft and warm and with the addition of some felted wool flowers truly wonderful!!
I couldn't help myself... I posted it in my shop and am making another one just for me!

This is my friend Kate modelling. Kate's a co-worker or should I say traitor. She's leaving our office to follow her career path and grow. Good for her, but I'll miss her like crazy and not just for the modelling!

September 5, 2011

Finally... More on Sam the Snowman

I'd been making Christmas ornaments to stock up my shop for the Christmas season. I love the Rudolph Christmas special and the narrator snowman character played by Burl Ives sets the scene and raises goosebumps of excited anticipation everytime I hear it. It really sets up the Christmas season for me. Weird huh? Brings out the kid in me I guess.
I finally found the ribbon I wanted to trim these up with, so I finished them off this morning and listed them in my shop.
It's been a busy week, I've busy knitting and crocheting some headwarmers and scarves and stuff for my other shop. I also did a jewellery workshop at work for charity so I had a lot of preparation for that too.

Yesterday I had had enough with always having to sort through my yarn stash when I needed to find something. Needles and half-finished projects were scattered through out my yarn trunk. Mom came over to help me organize it. It was freeing. Doesn't it always figure though, the minute you clean up, that's the moment that the muse strikes. I'm finishing up something I started yesterday that was inspired my stash! Keep posted!

Making Hematite Star Flower Earrings