January 22, 2011

Work Published in new book by Kerin Gale

I just found out by my good friend Abi that my Reluctant Prince Art Doll was published in Kerin Gale's new book, Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams. I just ordered my copy from Amazon! YAY!
Can't wait to see all the tips and projects she has in here as well as the gallery of completed work.
Here's a pic of my Reluctant Prince.

January 2, 2011

Potions Passions and Wicked Desires Treasury

I just put together a wonderful treasury, which, when I started was supposed to be about Love and Valentines Day, but ended up being a little darker but no less wonderful.
There are some really talented artists on etsy.
Come take a peek! Find the treasury here.

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's been a pretty busy lead up to the Christmas Holidays and I must say I am glad it's over. Phew! I made it though another one!
Don't get me wrong I love Christmas, trying to make or find the perfect something for someone with a limited amount to spend is not easy. I thought I was pretty creative this year. Made Guitar Picks for nephew, hair bands and groovy pillows for the nieces, used points where I had them and Ornaments and or head warmers for the sisters and close friends.
I had some sales on etsy and at the office which really helped my Christmas budget and even got me some new clothes to start off the new year.

On Christmas Eve my sister called from Regina with a big surprise, she was coming home the next day! It was a wonderful few days, full of laughter and family with a little food, wine and song (Yes, Karaoke was involved!) I think if I posted the video on youtube it might go viral... lol it was a lot of fun! There is nothing in the world quite like the feeling of spending time with my sisters!

I have two resolutions for 2011:
1. dress a little spiffier,
2. dress my dolls a little more creatively.

I don't know what direction my work will take this year. I attended the Tim Burton Exhibit at the Bell Lightbox with my sister while she was here. I was astounded with the drawings and maquettes and costumes! What an inspiration! I'd like to stretch my creativity with some bizarre creatures like that but am not sure that it's really up my alley. I might try a few heads sketches and see what transpires.

If you have opportunity to visit the exhibition you really should go! Without giving too much away, you'll follow this creative filmmaker from his early years through out the making of his wonderful films among them: Batman, (the one with Penquin and Cat Woman, easily my favorite), Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas (another favourite), Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland and just WOW!

The next few days will be my time to relax, put away the decorations and perhaps sketch a little, perhaps start a bit of a exercise routine, surf the web and otherwise be inspired. It's a busy time at the office so I want to be well rested when I return.

Wishing all of you a Creative and Happy New Year! Cheers!

Making Hematite Star Flower Earrings