June 10, 2008

Making a Simple Hand Puppet - Meet Murple

I got intrigued by the personality that comes alive when I make my dolls and often thought it would be amazing if I could make them move. I began investigating puppets and marionettes and while I still haven’t begun my marionette building experiments I have been playing around with simple puppets.

I’ve made several now, and I kind of fly by the seat of my pants and just start with a simple pattern I made based on my arm and hand. I then kind of let the puppet become what it wants to be as I find materials to use and try them on for size. Over the next several entries I’ll show you how I do it in a step by step pictorial. I’ll only be adding simple instructions, but there are lots of references out there including my favorite: http://www.puppetsandstuff.com

So this is how I built Murple.

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Anonymous said...

Great puppet! Thanks for putting it on your blog. Also, thanks for including the info about "puppets and stuff" I've been looking for a site like that like that for a while now.
You're a very generous artist.