September 26, 2009

Walking in Memphis... I can't beleive I'm attempting Elvis

Today I decided to channel a little Elvis and get a custom order doll project on the way. I'm thinking of him kind of in a quiet pose. No real famous dance/singing pose. Kind of the quiet Elvis.
All through it I'm thinking of the song.. Walking in Memphis. It wasn't sung by him but I love the way the song makes you thing of aspiring to walk in the steps of the king.
Not sure yet if he'll be sitting or walking... I'd love to try walking so we'll see how it goes. As I mentioned the first part is trying to get the head right. It's tough to tell right now, but I think I might be close. I've opened up the outside corner of his eye a bit more since this picture.
He still needs some work but I'll wait for him to dry a bit. I'm using paperclay.

Now I'm off to a bowling fundraiser... and the auction for the Sarge puppet. Wish him luck!

September 20, 2009

Jack Skellington Puppet

I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and that's what I thought of when I came across some white microfleece on a recent trip to fabricland.

I started him while I was waiting for glue to dry on the Sarge puppet I finished last weekend. Yesterday I finished his arms and attached all his bony parts. Today I gave him his photo op and listed him on etsy.

September 14, 2009

Brampton Battallion Puppet

This weekend was another puppet building weekend for me. I wanted to donate to my nephew's hockey fundraiser. It's a night of bowling and great fun with auctions and lots of laughter. I decided to try to make their logo into a puppet.

SO meet Sarge!

I must admit the mini hockey jersey was an interesting challenge! Actually so was the beret... never made one of those before.
I thought he turned out pretty good. You may notice I left off his teeth... when I put them on he lost all his grimace and grit an we can't have that!
I hope he generates a little mini-war in the bids!
Certainly a unique one of a kind item!

September 7, 2009

NEW Custom Doll Coraline

I was asked a few weeks ago by a past customer if I thought I could make a Coraline doll for his daughter. Years ago he had bought a Dobbie house elf from me on ebay and the little elf had become his little girls dearest friend. I was happy to say yes I thought I could do that for him.
On Friday we agreed upon a price and after I finished the Golf Club cover for another custom order I began making Coraline's pattern. I finished the doll tonight.

Yes, it was a busy weekend for me. A creative one though and that's what I love to do most with my holidays. PLAY!
Here's a pic of the finished Coraline doll.
She's about 10" tall.

September 4, 2009

Custom Golf Club Cover: Scarlett Knight

I just finished a custom order for a gentleman who wanted his University mascot as a club cover. Here's his Scarlett Knight from Rutger's University.

This was my second attempt actually, the first once went awry... it happens. It ended up being way too big and his face a little flat. This one I think turned out great. The helmet was a challenge and I love the way it turned out!

September 2, 2009

Domestic Witch Blogger award

The lovely Abi from An Angel at my Table has passed an award on to me.

Well! What a surprise! Domestic Goddess I am not! I told Abi if Martha Stewart were to visit I think she'd run out screaming.
Thank you so much! Now I will follow the rules and pass this award on to another 3 lovely people.... well I can think of 300 lovely people, but rules are rules!

Wendy from KnittedSquirrel

Colleen from Loopy Boopy Art

and twenty pound tabby

September 1, 2009

Lightening Storm

This summer has been a summer of bad weather. We've had more rain than I've ever seen... in fact my apartment building's underground flooded three times leaving us with no elevator and no access to the parking garage from inside the building. I found a video of the last lightening storm on City TV just click to see.

I think I took my week off during the best part of the summer ... lucky me. It was my own little creative retreat where I took the time away by myself to play and take an online class with Marilyn Radzat. I'll post some pictures soon of the my finished work. I don't want to share work in progress pics of someone elses class.. I'm sure you understand.

In the meantime, enjoy a bit of my summer storm. There's a spectular shot of lightening stiking the CN Tower in Toronto.

Making Hematite Star Flower Earrings