March 28, 2009

Midnight Garden Stump Doll an Orginal Pattern

I just finished my second written pattern. I've done a simple Christmas elf but have been wanting to try something more detailed and have been working on this one for a while now.
I call her Midnight Garden and she's a stump doll.

She's a great project for learning details not typically covered in other patterns and her dress is a wonderful place to embellish with flowers, ribbons, beans, threads etc.

I demonstrate through pictures, pattern and text how to:
- Create a Hand armature
- A head that moves
- a darted bust
- a needles sculpted face
- detailed eye and feature painting
- creating your own hair wefts
Doll measures 15.5" tall

A beautiful cloth doll pattern that has slight sway to her body position. A solid base, small hands, finger armature and a great embellishment project.

See the doll also for sale in my etsy shop. Measuring 15,5 inches tall, she is a an original Cloth Stump Doll. She has a wooden base inside, covered with fabric. Her body is gently curved to make her look like she's walking.

See her here in my etsy store!

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