November 15, 2008

November 11, 2008

Custom order Get Fuzzy Golf Club Covers

I got an order yesterday through my etsy shop for a couple of custom golf club covers. The buyer wanted me to make Fuzzy and Satchel from the comic strip Get Fuzzy for her brother for Christmas.

Since I had the day off today, I got started early.

They're coming along quite well I think, I still have a way to go though. Here's "how I did that".

If you want to see the image larger, just click on it.

November 1, 2008

New work

I've been away from my blog for awhile. For those of you following my story, I finally found the right job for me. I've been giving it my all and have trying adjust to the commute I have to make to work every day. I don't know what it is about sitting on the subway and bus for an hour, but by the time I get home at night I feel very tired. I'm a pretty sad sack.

I look forward to my weekends when I try to get into something creative. I finally finished my Stump doll, Ume's Midnight Garden. I love the way she turned out.

I also worked on a few Christmas Elves based on a pattern by Alison Marano or Faewyck studios. They are adorable aren't they?

If you're interested in perhaps purchasing these dolls I have them listed in my Etsy store.
Until next time!