January 24, 2010

Forest Spirit

This is a project I began on my summer holidays. Each year I like to take a week off and do something creative. That's just for me. Usually it's a doll conference where I take a couple classes and learn something new. This year I signed up for an online doll class with Marilyn Radzat.

It was a wonderful hat class. And knowing me, you know I had to make the doll first. I started three dolls that week.
A witch.... where I used mirror tile on her head... the project... sadly didn't turn out and went file 13.
An this is the second doll I'm attempting.

I wanted to use something from nature. SO that's were this doll went. My Forest Spirit is kind of ent-like, kind of brownie-like.
I used both paper clay and apoxie sculpt on this one.

Once I've given him his base coat. I started wrapping him in quilt batting, and adding his fabric skin.
I then add some more paint washes to the fabric and clay. Adding more detail to the face and hands.
Now I used E6000 to set the pine cone pieces to his head. I carefully washed the old sap off and pulled the pine cones apart. Then I apply them to the head circular rows.

He's not finished yet. I've still got lots of work to do.


DellaRae said...

He looks wonderful to me, finished or not!

Anonymous said...
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Abi said...

He is looking fabulous Nancy ~ and I agree with DellaRae - first class even unfinished :O)