December 16, 2010

Addition for the Gingerbread House Competition

I'm working on a gingerbread house at work for a competition to be judged at our Christmas Party. I didn't have time to finish it with the rest of the team so decided to make an addition tonight. It was a difficult day at the office and I needed a creative outlet... so this was my outlet.

okay, yes a couple glasses of wine were involved but not during the concept stage... I decided the gingerbread house needed a hot tub and deck. I was originally just going to make some people. But was suddenly inspired. SO my elves are on the deck, in their hot tub with some evergreens around them singing Christmas Carols... Fa la la la la la la la la!
I hope I get a picture of it out of the box and attached to the house tomorrow! Here it's packed up to take to work in the morning.


Abi said...

It looks fab! hope you win!!

littlebitwired said...

Alas, we got 3rd place, I'll have to post pictures of the winners when they send the pictures the winner was beyond believable!

CindySowers said...

Happy New Year, Nancy! Looking forward to seeing your work the coming year.