April 30, 2011

One more day until the Book Tour!

Can't wait for the tour to start? If you want to enjoy a few hours of incredible inspiration have a broswe through the work of these incredible artists who also use resin clay in their work. Artist like Rebecca Schumaker and her wonderful detailed Gargoyle Girl.

 Or perhaps take a class and learn some of their techniques? 

When I first started out in doll making I took a Jean Bernard's Dragon Wings Class at a conference and it really opened my eyes to the possibilities! 
Now Jean does online classes so you can take her classes wherever you are. Be sure to check out all she has to offer and get yourself inspired! 
Jean Bernard offers this amazing free Fibre Optic Wing Tutorial on her site.
Who knew kleenex, fibre optics and of course Jean's famous glitter could be so wonderful!

Chris Chomick and Peter Meder  http://www.chomickmeder.com/
Brenda Gebhart http://romantic-decay.blogspot.com/
Liz McGrath http://www.elizabethmcgrath.com/
Alan Rogerson— http://www.alanrogersonart.com/
Rebecca Schumacher – http://www.rebas-art.com/
Michael DeMeng http://michaeldemeng.blogspot.com/
Judy Anderson  http://mixedmediaart.ning.com/profile/JudyAnderson?xg_source=profiles_memberList

Although not featured in Kerin's book the following artists also do some really wonderful work with resin clays.

Zoe Thomas  http://www.etsy.com/people/CuriousBoudoirDolls
Tracy Rapier  http://tracyrapier.wordpress.com/
Laurel Skye http://web.me.com/laurelskye/Laurel_Skye_Designs/Laurel_Skye.html
Scott Radke  http://www.scottradke.com/
Linda and Opie O'Brien   http://burntofferings.typepad.com/
Jessica Hamilton  http://www.dollproject.com/
Pamela Hastings  http://www.pamelahastings.com/
Patricia Dusman http://patriciadusman.typepad.com/
Jean Bernard  http://www.jeanbernardart.com/


Abi said...

This all looks interesting... I need to learn more about what is going on!!

Ashley said...

I can not believe how brilliant your work is! True artist..