March 24, 2012

Update on Cassie

Ok, so I haven't quite finished the pattern yet but Cassie is done and I couldn't wait! I have my friend Jolene proofing the pattern for me and she's had a few suggestions so I've a bit of work left to do on it before I list either of them in my store. But here she is.
Cassie giving me a little attitude about the pictures taking so long. It's too bad the swarovski crystals don't show as much bling in the photos but they really make her tutu sparkle!

I've also been working on my ballerina from an earlier post. She still needs ears and hair... more tomorrow if all goes well. Why or why do I always forget to do the ears!!??


Jeanie MacLean said...

Oh---she's beautiful!!! Hugs from Jeanie!!

Christianne Teixeira said...

Cassie is really beautiful!!