May 18, 2008

Dragon Girl Part III

A well-meaning friend told me to take another look at Dragon Girl's tail... LOL... okay IT DOES look like she's taking a dump... LOL but I do like Dragon Girl's tail just he way it is actually, She's gotta fit it under her clothes afterall.... I actually tried a thicker tail and didn't like it.

Here's a pic of her with her paint job. I gave her an all over base coat with gesso, then a wash with a dark blue, blotting off almost as much paint as I put on. Then I gave several several more wash coats in the same manner this time with a leaf green. Then I went in to do her face up. WIth a coat of of glaze on her eyes I continued onto her head wear.

Dragon girl didn't want hair, she wanted a cap style do. So I found some interesting shell stype beads in my stash and some microbeads.... (one vial of which I accidentaly dumped on the floor... yeah me... you only have to do this once to understand what I mean...)

I think she'll wear some mulberry paper...not sure yet.... maybe I'll have her look through my stash (now that she's got eyes) and see what she thinks... I'll have to sleep on it.

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