May 17, 2008

WIP - Dragon Girl & Peeps Part I

Today after running my errands for the week, I decided to sit down and try to work on my dragon girl.

The Dragon girl was my first experiment with Paper Clay and after talking to people in my doll club I found out that the paper clay I was using was too dry... hence the lumpy nature of the clay. I sanded her quite a bit and managed to get rid of most of it but she still had missing hands and a bit more muscle tone.

After making a great armature and pose I hated to waste the figure so the day's adventure was to see if I could take away some of the lumpiness by covering it with apoxie sculpt. I gave her some hands, smoothed out her chest and upper arms as well as a face lift. I added more emphasis to the bumpies on her back and added her tail.

My Peeps

I also has some small egg gourds that I wanted to turn into peeps.

I then played with my "Peeps", I loved the silly big eyes on those cat and dog pictures that have been around for a while so I dug up some oversize plastic eyes I had in my stash and added them to the gourds as well as some wire legs.

Keep posted!

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