August 5, 2008

Another Long Weekend at the Cottage

I decided on the last minute to head up to the cottage once again for the long weekend. For those of you reading from other spots on our globe, the first Monday of August is a Civic Holiday for those of us in Ontario Canada.

I must say I didn't do too much except read, try to knit a hat... I say try because just as I got about half way done I realized I was using the wrong size needles, my hat might have fit a gorilla... and it would really have to be a big gorilla at that!

I also tried to learn crocheting again... kind of a crazy scarf it's just single crochet and about 266 stitches (hey I lost count - and what does it matter anyways... it's a scarf!) It's also about 7 colours. I just have to have something to do with my hands what can I say!

I took a great picture of a Cicada, which if it would have been moving I would have been moving the other direction... seriously BIG BUG!

Once I cleaned the kayak out - more seriously creepy crawlies in there too - I went out for a paddle too. I hate bugs that crawl more than bugs that fly... I don't know why but it's gotten progressively worse over the years... maybe because I move slower than I used too! LOL

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