February 7, 2010

My Reluctant Prince

I finally finished off my Reluctant Prince.

I call him reluctant because though he is entitled to his crown he prefers not to wear it.

A romantic at heart, he longs to be loved by who he is not what he wears on his head.

I'll soon post him for sale on Etsy.
I love creating dolls, trying new techniques and exploring the world of figurative art.

I was inspired a bit by the anime characters when I created this one. I've been told he looks a little like Adam Lambert and someone even thought a little Nicholas Cage... not sure that I see that.He is kind of a glam rocker though... maybe in an alternate life.

Ah, poor Prince... all that responsibility.


creativedawn said...

Your Prince is and awesome work of art! I love his shoes!

Lisa J said...

He's great! I love him!

CindySowers said...

He's terrific! What a fabulous artist!

Ashley said...

I love the detail you put in the Prince. He's so Charming.