February 12, 2010

Sally's Traveling Doll

I've finished off the mocassins for the first traveling doll today. I also finished my entries for the journal. Journalling is really a lot of work! it's kind of like blogging but you can add texture and dimension to it by adding material things. Fun, but a lot of work.
My fingers are so sore from stitching through the deer skin, the first couple layers of skin will probably peel off over the next couple days. I ended up having to use my pliers to pull the needle through and had to press against my table to get the needle to go through the layers of leather. Now I know why they use an awl to drill the holes first... just too tiny to use one on this project.
Here are some pictures of the finished boots and the journal pages I created.


Lisa J said...

That looks great! Journaling is hard for me.

DellaRae said...

I would wear those boots! Your journal looks great!

Sally StitchyWooWoo said...

Perfect journaling Nancy and those boots ! I want a pair please.