October 22, 2011


I ran into someone in my elevator this morning who told me they went on a tour of the Exhibition last night to learn about the hauntings. I was amazed, I had no idea the place was haunted. I'll have to try to get down there to check it out myself.
This is an excerpt from a blog post I found.
"The Canadian National Exhibition is notorious for giving people thrills on the midway, but now they’re also sending chills down their spines.
A paranormal research team spent 13 months investigating eight buildings on the grounds and found 24 ghosts recorded on electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). One of the most haunted buildings at the EX is Stanley Barracks, right across from the Direct Energy Centre.
“There were two men in the basement, one was named Bob and the other Dave,” researcher Richard Palmisano, who published Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition this year, said. “They were here when this was social housing and they did things that weren’t very good to other people.
“One of our medians was attacked with scratches down her back,” he said. “These are the risks we take.” To read more on the ghosts there and what they do read more here: Haunted Earth`s Ghost World: GHOSTS HAUNT THE CANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBITION

Are there hauntings in your town? I'd love to hear about them.


Dolores said...

I think I will put the book on my list of 'want to read.' It is, after all, a part of history and I didn't know there were ghosts at the Ex. I wonder if there were some in the buildings that they tore down to put up the Direct Energy Building and some of the other ones.
Right now I'm reading Charles Scheideman's "Policing the Fringe: The curious life of a small-town Mountie." True stories and some are gruesome. The author was an RCMP officer for 27 years in the interior of BC.

Nancy Perennec Doll Artist said...

I have no idea Dolores, I have to find the book myself and hopefully go on the ghost tour! The RCMP book sounds really interesting too! I'll have to look for that!

Mary Ann said...

Years ago...about 50:)....when I was a kid ....one of the midway fun houses at the Ex was supposed to haunted. I can't remember the whole story now.

I did have an encounter with one of the ghosts at Speke Hall in England. Her name is Mary Norreys and the scary part was that it was in the daytime not at night. I have visited Speke Hall a few times but now I absolutely refuse to go inside.

Nancy Perennec Doll Artist said...

Can't say I've seen a ghost yet. I must admit I'm a little freaked by your story Mary Ann!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a most interesting read...