January 15, 2012

New Year, slow start

I has some unsuccessful or false starts with my recent projects. Tall and thin wasn't working, she broke on New Years eve. Fell of the table... I think she was doing some extreme dancing or something. The next day I started another. He's turning out to be a wizard.
He's not finished yet, I was still having trouble being motivated. So I had some fun with him.

After seeing the Maxwell house affirmation girl from my earlier post I got up in the morning and decided to sort out and reorganize something things in my studio. I had wanted to move my fabrics into the room. I had them stored in a cupboard in my bedroom so it was just a matter of moving things around again so I could make it fit and make sense.

I still have a bunch of sorting and purging to do but it's cleansing and decluttering always makes me want to create. Maybe my wizard and tall girl will make it back onto the sculpting board again soon!

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