March 15, 2020

New Web Site and it's LIVE - Bye Bye Etsy?!

Well I finally bit the bullet and registered my domain and started my own website. Still working it out but it's live. Come visit me at and comment here or send me an email and let me know what you think. I'd love any suggestions too!

I've been on Etsy almost since it's first day in 2006. I have been participating in ad campaigns for the last 8 months or so. It's just crazy that you can't get noticed there without spending money.  My ads were run in etsy and on Google, and they've recently even changed that. Now I would need to run two campaigns to get the same thing. Then they'll also take 15% of the sale.  So I'd rather pay to own my own store, use the seo and my relationship with Google, you tube, Blogger, Pinterest and facebook to try to bring in customers. I will have to work harder much I am finding it fun so far. So much to learn.  I haven't called it quits with etsy just yet. I'm going to give them a chance through April to see if anything good happens, but I'm ready to try it on my own so any tips would be helpful!

Today I'm playing at making some new dog and cat pins. My cat pin featured in my last post and YouTube tutorial has been my most popular item. Quite a few people have asked me for dog pins. Dogs are much more varied in shape than cats. The breeds looks so very different.
Some of the below were more successful than others. I've also got a dachshund and playing a bit with a bulldog too. I'll post them when I get closer.

Thanks for coming by!

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