April 28, 2008

Day Four - a trip to the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival

Another great shopping trip... thinking we'd head out early and be first in line we were surprised to see that we had alot of walking to do as the only parking spots left were way, way down at the far end of the parking lot! Great shopping day, lots of new fabrics, beads, yarns and stamping supplies. We were lucky enough to pass by the Powertex booth just as they were beginning their next class so we were able to join in. What a great product! Needless to say we both came home with our very own supply to use on future projects! We had a nice chat with the Canadian Distributors and the instructor who came up from the states to demonstrate. You can see our draped Judy's in the photo above. We also came home with lots of books, mine a copy of Brian Frouds' Good Fairies, Bad Fairies which I've been coveting for awhile now and Jolene with a whole bunch of books on Kachina Dolls, and Doll books. We also found some neat leather made from fish skin.... very cool.


Sue Farace said...

Sue here (I was teaching most sessions at Powertex booth)

Your the one that bought the last copy of that book - Brigitte and I both wanted it!

I am so glad you enjoyed working with the Powertex - it really is a lot of fun!


brigette thompson said...

Brigette from Powertex Canada here.
What nice comments! We certainly enjoyed ourselves with so many terrific people and talented artists at the show. Just to let you know that Powertex Canada has a new website. You can find our products at www.Powertex.ca
Btw, how is the fairy book? LOL
Brigette Thompson