April 28, 2008

Day Two Mississauga Doll Artists Retreat

Day Two we were woken up early once again by the local wildlife waiting for their breakfast... not enough that the birds were singing, but my cats were anxious for their breakfast as usual and were quite demanding!

Todays agenda had us going out to the Bata Shoe Museum which was absolutely wonderful! If you haven't been and have an interest in shoes or history it's a must see!

After a quick browse through the gift shop there and the purchase of a couple of souvenirs, we had lunch at the local Firken pub and discussed where we wanted to go next. Queen St. West in Toronto is a wonderful source of inspiration with tons of fabric and bead shops, this has been a favourite wandering spot for us on a couple of occasions and we always find some great things. Two-way stretch materials, feathers, trims and beads galore!

Our trip home had a pit-stop at another mystery shop... the local aquarium supply shop, not only a great marine zoo-like experience they are also a great spot to pick up some driftwood and rock platforms to stage your dolls on. The Aquarium on Dundas in Mississauga even has some live sharks that they feed on Tuesday evenings.

Day Two was also the day we started playing with our Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Our project was a tree based on the instructions Jean Bernard posted onthe Aves website. We had a blast! I was little pre-menstral that day so my tree started out as a Demon throne and ended up with fairie faces! I was so intent on my work that when I looked up and saw Jolene's "ChairMan" chair I was quite taken aback... and I thought I was weird! They are both great chairs and we sure learned alot.

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