April 28, 2008

Mississauga Doll Artist Retreat

The CDAA 2008 conference was canceled this year with only a few weeks to go. It's a time that I book holidays for and look forward to all year. It gives me a chance to do nothing but socialize with other doll makers and create, learn new techniques and use new materials.

With flight arrangements already made and our anticipation level so high my friend Jolene and I were really at odds with what to do. Jolene had already booked her flight to Toronto from Winnipeg as we do every year so we decided to still go ahead with plans to get together for the week. I quickly did up a little brochure and sent it to her and the Mississauga Doll Artists Retreat was born.

It was a blast planning what we would do during the week. I jam packed the week with field trips to purchase new supplies and even a couple surprise field trips to discover where to get hard to find materials for props and such. I looked for classes we could I created an agenda in no time that almost accounted for every waking moment of our week together!

Jolene arrived on Monday around lunch time and after a quick visit home with the luggage we were off on our first adventure!

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