July 23, 2008

More WIP Carnivale

I'm finally posting the headwear pictures I promised. I've had a lot going on with the DAM team on etsy and needed to take a break from the computer for a while so I finally got all the beading finished on her head piece.

I decided to have two cones wrapped in fibers and ribbons as her actual hair style then covered that with a hat. The cones are made with card stock and glued to the head. I then wrapped a violet scarf around her forehead. Then wrapped the fibers around that. I stitched and glued everything in place. And then started work on the hat.

I made a card stock pattern and I cut two - a top, and a lining. I covered them both with a yellow-gold fabric. Then I covered the top cardboard with a gold-wire mesh ribbon stitching it across the back. I then glued on the lining. Once the hat was in place I could start embellishing that. I added a violet and gold piping around the top, a violet stripe down the center (which covered some of the inevitable gathering when I applied the gold ribbon) and then I started beading...and beading... I still haven't figured what will go on the violet stripe yet, but it definitely is getting something I just haven't found it yet.