October 16, 2009

Elvis has not quite left the building

While Elvis hasn't officially left the building yet... he is on his way.

My inspiration for the pose was the Song, "Walking In Memphis", so while he may not look exactly like the King, the impression is there.. enhanced by the Beale and Union Ave. St. signs.

I didn't want to do him all glammed up, but wanted to keep it subtle and everyday. Just a little glitz in the buttons and cuff links... and of course the Blue Suede Shoes.

I really love that song Walking in Memphis, the idea of following in the steps of the King... not that I'd want to follow the King exactly... I just love the hope and dream behind it. Kind of absorbing yourself in the moment as you travel, the sounds the smells, the taste... the energy. I hope I captured part of that here.

I worked all weekend trying to finish this piece, I hope my customer loves it! I'm happy with the way it turned out, I must admit I was terrified to take on the challenge of a well know personality.

Each time I do something like this I feel more confident in my abilities and in each case I learn something new about myself and my craft.

Hope you don't mind my sharing... and have enjoyed sharing a bit of the journey with me.

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Abi said...

He is looking so cool!
Happy Thanksgiving Nancy X