October 6, 2009

Elvis is still in the building

I've been continuing work on Elvis this week. I was really stuck with his hair until I came across Art Dolls by Nat's blog and her Cursalot with her paper ribbon twisted hair. I kept thinking about it and was almost out to look for some of that ribbon to try it out when I remembered I had some black twist pleated fabric. So along with my aha moment and some paverpol (powertex here in Canada)I started a wig for Elvis.

Here's a couple pictures.... still needs some refining.

Although the more I work on the doll the less he looks like Elvis.... I also found out today that Elvis's eyes were actually blue. All my reference photos showed brown eyes. Apparently he wore brown contacts that acted like sunglasses to keep down the glare on stage.... Who Knew?! Looks like he needs another paint job! Grin


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

I think he look great!!! I don't think I knew what colour his eyes were but now I do:) Thant for the elvis trivia!! LOL


FairiesNest said...

I love the sneer, perfect!

Nat said...

I am glad the twistie paper worked. He looks great and the hair is perfect. Now you will be doing all sorts of wonderful hairstyles. You could even do a big haired Priscilla. . . . HaHa

Catherine said...

He looks awesome! Love the hair and expression!

Abi said...

Brilliant Nancy!