March 23, 2010

Lady Wisteria Asquith Jones

Lady Wisteria has been visiting from England, she began her journey in Ohio with Doll Arist Paula, picked up a new hat in England and some new knickers while she was here with me.

She also enjoyed a historical trip to Toronto...

She took a picture of the stadium at the Canadian National Exhibition with her new brownie camera.

And rode on the carousel at the park.

She met a handsome Prince at a fairy tale castle

And all this was before she got her new knickers.

Soon she'll be off to visit Abi in Texas where she hopes she'll get some new clothes.

She loves her knickers, and must admit people have been very kind not to notice she has no dress on when she goes about her travels.
Normally a Lady wouldn't appear in public with out her many layers.

She does really feel rather embarrassed about it.


Kiki said...

Beautiful. Love your work!

Anonymous said...
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