July 3, 2010

WIP Satyr working with Living Doll

I found a new clay and anyone who knows me, knows that that means I'll be playing and discovering it and posting new Work in Progress pics as I play. Sometimes I wish I had four arms or a camera in my head so that I could show you exactly how I make the hands or sculpt the face but I will have to make do with interval pictures.
I sculpted a head on an armature of foil and it became an elderly Satyr.

He has an honest, open and friendly expression. I loved the Living Doll clay. Found it somewhat hard, although it warms as you work. In that case I put it down for a while. I doesn't take a lot of tools marks but is easy to blend when you add clay (before baking).

I didn't use an armature in the hands and fingers and yet they have survived the rough handling of clothing. I usually end up breaking fingers so I must admit I am impressed.

Now I build up the body armature with wire aluminum foil and masking tape and begin putting the colour wash on the face. I use a light purple where the softer more transparent areas of the skin are. Around the eyes. I brush on a watered down bit of colour and blot it up with a sponge. Repeating until I get the look I want. Then I do the same with Raw Umber all over. The paint traps in the wrinkles and warms the colour of the clay. Next I use a watered down burgundy to add colour to the cheeks and lips and paint in the eyes.

I'll continue on with covering his body with skin, fur and adding his feet next time.
Hope you enjoyed the post!

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FairiesNest said...

He's looking marvelous! I love process posts :)