July 20, 2010

Super Molly's Mom and her Super Art Capes

I met someone through facebook today, she wrote me to tell me I won a Super Molly Art Cape. Isnt' social networking wonderful! I was thrilled.
Although I have no children of my own I know a few special kids through my friends at work and thought it would be wonderful to pay it forward and run an auction for the Super Cape at work and give the proceeds to our Charity campaign.
I'm not sure how it will work yet but I wanted to introduce you to my new friend, neighbour and all round special person.

Kerry, a Hamilton Ontario neighbour has opened an etsy shop only a few short months ago.

She tells me superMOLLY capes started entirely by accident. She made a really, truly sad cape for her daughter one year for Hallowe'en, that's when superMOLLY the superhero was "born." A few years later, she needed a birthday present for one of her school friends, and thought, "why not see if I can do something... well, super?" So she made another for another friend's birthday... and finally, she got around to replacing Molly's old, sad cape with something pink and shiny, and generally more befitting her superhero-y status... She wore it to school one day and before Kerry knew what had happened, she'd sold four of them on the playground. With some prodding from her friend Jonah over at BabAzOoBeE, she opened an etsy store superMOLLYcape.etsy.com, and the rest is history. She's had a fun few months!

She is also working with the Victim's Services division of our local police service to see if they can work out the logistics of making superhero capes for the bears given out through the Trauma Bear program. She has a group of volunteer sewing gurus waiting for the go-ahead to make a few hundred bear capes to donate to the program. That's going to be so much fun!

Kerry admits she's pretty lucky. She has a superkid who rocks, and she gets to share what she loves to do with new people every day. I say you are very, very lucky Kerry!
Congratulations and I wish you continued success!

Please be sure and check out what makes Molly's mom so very, very lucky and read her blog! You won't regret it! 

Here are some more of Molly SuperCape products available on etsy! Click on the photo to go to the listing!


Abi said...

Congratulations Nancy!! it's lovely winning stuff eh!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks, Nancy! You rock!

babazoobee said...

thanks for the mini-mention, nancy!