July 5, 2010

Satyr WIP continues


My work on my Satyr continues with the wrapping of his body with quilt batting. I've also glued on his hooves and hands. 
Next step adding his skin. I use lycra, like that used in control top underwear actually. No I didn't recycle. LOL I cut the fabric, pin it in place and sew it directly on the body. I won't do his legs as they'll be covered with fur. Which is the next step.

Okay, fur is in place. I haven't trimmed the hair on his lower legs yet. I'll wait until I costume further to see what I want to do. I have trimmed the fur at his waist. You can see the darker colour as I've trimmed off the lighter top hairs on the fur.
I've made him a shirt with cuffs, added a belt and leather vest. At this point I know he'll need some support to stand. The armature wire I used is not tough enough, nor does it extend out the bottoms of his feet. So as he is elderly, I'll add a cane that will extend into the base. For the base I'm using a peice of wood that I've drilled a hole into for the cane wire. I will cover the base with apoxie sculpt so it looks like mud and fix the dolls feet into that mud for added support. 

And now he's attached to his base. I'll still probably add some little stones, moss and some varnish to the base before it's complete.


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Kristine said...

I absolutely LOVE watching your creations come to life!!..because of your progress pics, I summed up the courage to give wire armatured dolls a try..although, I'm so much slower than you..
Thank YOU so much again for all the visuals. They are a huge help!
Best Wishes!
Kristine ;-)