October 2, 2010

Judy, Judy, Judy

My local Doll Club started up again with a bang! What a treat! Lise St-Germaine is teaching us how to build a Mannequin, then an authentic Elizabethan Gown complete with petticoat.
Lise works as a costumer in Toronto and although her time is severely limited with her Opera and television projects she is teaching us once a month until we get this done.

Today I took some time to work further on my mannequin or Judy as I like to call it. I still need to create a stand for it. There will be dowel inserted into the Judy's base and then the dowel will be inserted into a stand. I still haven't found what I'll use for that yet. But I love the way my Judy turned out! YAY! Thanks Lise!!


Sally StitchyWooWoo said...

Wow Nancy she is super. Is she life size ? Lots and lots of stuffing to do !!
I taught my students to make mini mannaquins last year. They are just great for design work.

littlebitwired said...

hee, hee, no she's not life size. She's 1/4 scale. I'm looking forward to building a costume on her.