October 24, 2010

More WIP with Charlie Chaplin

Today I've attached his hands and feet to the body armature and wrapped the body with polyfil. Next step to cover the body and then begin costuming.

I will need to find some fabric to use for his clothing. I am making a trip to the thrift shops to see if I can find something that will work. It needs to be soft but look like suiting. So while I wait for the shops to open I'll wet felt his hat. 

I've laid the wool fibres out over a styrofoam ball, add hot soapy water and agitate under a layer of saran wrap. I used some brown fibres in here too. I only had mohair in the black and it needs anchor hairs to felt properly. Since I will be hardening the felted had afterwards I will be able to add a little acrylic paint so it will be more black.
Here the hat is drying out a bit, but it still could use some shaping. 


Kristine said...

Wow!!More fantastic progress pics!!
I just love watching you work!
thanks so much for sharing!
Kristine ;-)

littlebitwired said...

Thanks Kristine, I've made him a shirt and have been working on his trousers... alas.. they aren't quite like I imagined. I'll have to take a picture and post it soon. This blog is about the things that don't work as much as the things that do. Besides, maybe with suspenders it will workout ok.