October 23, 2010

Work on Charlie Continues

I've now got Charlie's body armature together and have started on his hands and feet well, shoes...
The shoes are baking as I type. I've build up the lower leg first and baked it, then added a foot and shoe to it and am baking them again.

I've used a rubber core for his body and drilled through it to insert the armature wires. Everything is covered with hockey tape. I find this tape super sticky and nothing moves once it's taped up. I am still able to bend the armature wired though. I haven't yet trimmed the arm wires here, and he's just got his ankles in place.  His ankles came off again so I could sculpt his shoes on them.


Ashley said...

Charlie is looking great! I love his shoes!

SpiritMama said...

Wonderful detail, and yes those shoes are amazing!