November 12, 2010

More WIP with Charlie Chaplin

I redid the first pair of pants... too bulky with pockets, pleats and waistband with belt loops and not quiet baggy enough. This pair is just right if a little bit baggier in the waist that I wanted. But with suspenders they look perfect. They'll be covered up with his jacket and vest anyways but I wanted to get them right.

Here he has his shirt, tie and suspenders on with his pants.

 And then with his vest.
 oops, the pictures look a big crooked...

 I dread the thought of making his jacket... uggh! The vest is easy compared to that! fitting those sleeves in and making that collar... yikes! His hair is coming in the mail. I have a friend sending me some curly wool that will be perfect! I hope!


Ashley said...

Charlie is looking great! I love the detail in the cloths!

Moriah said...

He's fabulous! I love the little details in his suspenders. Can't wait to see him finished!