November 27, 2010

New Listings in my Etsy Shop - Lots on sale!

I've been busy preparing my shop for Christmas, listed lots of new jewelry and a couple more puppets. I organized it into sections based on price... not sure that I like it that way but it should help people find the deals they are looking for this season. It seems more disorganized to me that way.

I've used the Etsy On Sale tool to add discounts of 25 and 50% on items and so far so good.
Some of my jewellery on sale 

I've sold a bunch of jewellery at work, and some patterns and accessories on etsy.

And two new puppets!  Billy Bob and Emma Lou who make wonderful traditional toys and companions that inspire imagination and are great for story telling. Also a blast to make! I have a puppet kit and puppet pattern on sale in my shop too!

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