August 7, 2011

Base for Red Riding Hood Art Doll

Only enough time this weekend to do the base. I still need something to put in Red`s basket. I looked for a little wicker basket, but couldn`t find anything appropriate in scale. I decided I could make one. I crocheted it from cotton and dyed it to look like wicker. I love the way it turned out once it was all shaped up and stiffened.

 The base is wood, with a hole drilled for the leg armature. I added paperclay, gesso, painted it in several coats of paint. Then I added the moss and rocks. Once it has all dried I will add a matte varnish and a felt bottom with my signature tag.

1 comment:

Terrielee said...

Wow! I love the little basket! And you crocheted it?! I'm awestruck! It's so realistic!
Also, I just looked back at her hair options... Red's auburn hair is so perfect with her blue dress and delicate skin tone.
And Eyelashes from ribbon? You keep me in total amazement!
Thanks for sharing!