August 24, 2011

Heaven's Spectacular Lightshow

The Heaven's must have had one heck of a rock concert tonight. Standing outside on my balcony during tonights thunderstorm was SPECTACULAR! It was exactly like being at a concert with flashes going off constantly. I tried to capture some of the fabulous bolts but got nothing but pictures that looked like I'd taken them at 5pm. It was 9:30 pm when I stood out there. I gave up and just pointed my camera at the lightshow and hoped to capture a couple great strikes. I'm about 20 minutes from the CN tower which attracts lightning like crazy of course. So I pointed in that general direction but the lighting was all over the place. North towards the airport and south over the lake, it was behind me to the west and east of me where I pointed. The lightning when sideways across the sky in streaming bolts and shot down from the heavens like a bolt from Zeus's mighty hand!

Luckily the rain wasn't strong on my side of the apartment building or I wouldn't have been standing out there taking these shots. Here's the few shots I captured. I just wonder what that strange orange trailer is? It's almost like that's the extension cord that plugged the sucker in. See how the lightning is like two streams of blue and then the twisted stream of orange. Click on the photos to see them larger. It appears in two shots. How strange? Does anyone know why this is?

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