September 5, 2011

Finally... More on Sam the Snowman

I'd been making Christmas ornaments to stock up my shop for the Christmas season. I love the Rudolph Christmas special and the narrator snowman character played by Burl Ives sets the scene and raises goosebumps of excited anticipation everytime I hear it. It really sets up the Christmas season for me. Weird huh? Brings out the kid in me I guess.
I finally found the ribbon I wanted to trim these up with, so I finished them off this morning and listed them in my shop.
It's been a busy week, I've busy knitting and crocheting some headwarmers and scarves and stuff for my other shop. I also did a jewellery workshop at work for charity so I had a lot of preparation for that too.

Yesterday I had had enough with always having to sort through my yarn stash when I needed to find something. Needles and half-finished projects were scattered through out my yarn trunk. Mom came over to help me organize it. It was freeing. Doesn't it always figure though, the minute you clean up, that's the moment that the muse strikes. I'm finishing up something I started yesterday that was inspired my stash! Keep posted!

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