September 10, 2011

What is it with Fall

I don't understand why it is that as the summer weather starts to wind down or should I say chill down that I find myself with the urge to pick up my yarns and needles again!
I mean most days it's still hot and sticky and the thought of hairy yarns on my lap makes me shudder but I do sort through my yarns and get them all organized and am usually inspired to create something new.

I learned to crochet a few months back so have been practising that usually with cotton but I made a monkey and lamb hat a few weeks ago. And after a sort and clean up of my yarn truck I was inspired to make this wonderful neckwarmer, scarf wrap. I never know what to call these things... they are so soft and warm and with the addition of some felted wool flowers truly wonderful!!
I couldn't help myself... I posted it in my shop and am making another one just for me!

This is my friend Kate modelling. Kate's a co-worker or should I say traitor. She's leaving our office to follow her career path and grow. Good for her, but I'll miss her like crazy and not just for the modelling!

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