September 25, 2011

New Pieces Hot off the pliers

I've been creating some new jewellery to freshen up my shop, found some great vintage pieces this summer at estate sales that were dying for a makeover.

I  also realized, when I was sorting through my shop, that I had sold all my copper and silver linked bracelets so I made a few new pieces.

It's been a beautiful weekend so I tried to get outside a bit too. I went to a movie with Mom and Sis last night. Have you seen Sarah's Key? I read the book a few months ago and had no idea they made a movie about it until my sister suggested it. I loved the movie... I had no idea that went on in France during the war.

I also traded a wicker bookcase for a dvd storage unit with my mom. I'm using the video storage piece for my paints and ribbons! Good idea huh? Fits perfectly under my long narrow desk.

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Janet Bocciardi said...

First - I'm always looking for new storage ideas and I really like your new paint cabinet. Out of sight and clean! Great find.

Last, but not least - love the re-make of the vintage jewelry. I'm very fond of doing that myself. Feeds my addiction to flea markets and antique malls. : )