September 14, 2009

Brampton Battallion Puppet

This weekend was another puppet building weekend for me. I wanted to donate to my nephew's hockey fundraiser. It's a night of bowling and great fun with auctions and lots of laughter. I decided to try to make their logo into a puppet.

SO meet Sarge!

I must admit the mini hockey jersey was an interesting challenge! Actually so was the beret... never made one of those before.
I thought he turned out pretty good. You may notice I left off his teeth... when I put them on he lost all his grimace and grit an we can't have that!
I hope he generates a little mini-war in the bids!
Certainly a unique one of a kind item!


Abi said...

Oh he is fantastic! great expression, LOL :O)

Catherine said...

I love the puppet!! And I am so inspired to attempt sewing for my witch... I will actually use a lot of fabric glue. I love the variety in your work! Excellent!! Hugs