September 26, 2009

Walking in Memphis... I can't beleive I'm attempting Elvis

Today I decided to channel a little Elvis and get a custom order doll project on the way. I'm thinking of him kind of in a quiet pose. No real famous dance/singing pose. Kind of the quiet Elvis.
All through it I'm thinking of the song.. Walking in Memphis. It wasn't sung by him but I love the way the song makes you thing of aspiring to walk in the steps of the king.
Not sure yet if he'll be sitting or walking... I'd love to try walking so we'll see how it goes. As I mentioned the first part is trying to get the head right. It's tough to tell right now, but I think I might be close. I've opened up the outside corner of his eye a bit more since this picture.
He still needs some work but I'll wait for him to dry a bit. I'm using paperclay.

Now I'm off to a bowling fundraiser... and the auction for the Sarge puppet. Wish him luck!

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Abi said...

Wow! impressive stuff Nancy! how did you get on with Sarge? :O)