May 5, 2011

Day #6 - Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Book Tour

Okay are you sure you're comfy? Make sure you have a nice cup of tea or if you're lucky enough perhaps a cup of my favourite cup of Tim Horton's  and be sure to read right to the end of this post so you catch all the bits about the great prizes up for grabs on this tour!

About the book I was delighted when Kerin invited me be part of her wonderful book Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams. She has included my Reluctant Prince in her wonderful book on using resin clay.

Her book is a wonderful resource for all those who have been curious about using this wonderful medium in their work.

Resin clay has amazing properties. It sets up quickly, I smooth it with water, drill it, sand it, add colour to it or paint it I also use it like you would use grout!
It's even super tool around the house!

Inspired Remnants Curious Dreams can open up your world to new ideas! Both the book and the materials she uses should be part of every multi-media artists studio. Easy to follow project instruction will inspire you!

Books and Workshop Deals If you haven't already purchased the book or have wanted to take one of Kerin's terrific workshops she has them in her etsy shop.
Be sure to send a note to Kerin when you check out with Paypal, tell her you heard about this offer on littlebitwired's blog and she'll give you $5.00 back.

My Product Tips My favourite resin clay is Aves Apoxie Sculpt and I buy it locally in Toronto from Sculpture Supply Canada and  Curry's art store.
It has a bit of a smell, kind of like stinky feet but not that unpleasant... LOL
It can be difficult to remove from your fingers though so I keep a scrubby and warm water handy in a little plastic bowl. I also make sure I clean any material from under my nails as soon as possible.  Of course you can use gloves but I prefer to feel the clay when I sculpt.
I also find there is a certain point when it is very sticky, which is also a good time to use a touch of water, or just leave the clay for about ten minutes until the sticky stage passes. You can add it to a sculpture that already as been baked or even before it goes in the oven.

Sometimes it can droop a little, plan ahead! It's easy to work in stages or construct parts separately and put them together with apoxie sculpt when the difficult bits have cured. Follow my blog post during February and March of this year for my work in progress posts on my Dark Warrior Angel 'Elena' and see how I did this with her gorgeous boots! 

I use Aves Apoxie Sculpt to set my armatures into their poses, create bases and props, and even sculpt with it!

How I use Apoxie in my work
Dryad Barbie was the result
of my first experiment
with Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Here's a sample of some of the dolls I make visit my etsy Art Doll shop to see more of my dolls, puppets and patterns and be sure and stop by my LittleBitWired shop to see some of the other things I do and some great sale items! discovered Apoxie Sculpt at the Creative Festival in Toronto one year. The next day I started playing with it and my adventure with Barbie began. With the help of the apoxie sculpt resin my Dryad was firmly fixed to her base.

Peep is an egg gourd with wire
and apoxie sculpt.
See him in my etsy shop.
Apoxie and gourds are wonderful things!

Setting the joints in place with apoxie to hold
the dolls pose.

I use apoxie to strengthen my armatures. It keeps the wires together and maintains the pose for dolls that need to stand on their own.  

I use it to make the feet of my dolls too. The weight of the apoxie helps keep a figure standing without a base.

A simple brass tube can also be wired and fixed in place to insert a  figure into a base with a post set into a base so the figure can be mounted on it through the brass tube.

It works wonderfully to add to a base or to create props like canes, tree stumps, rocks and cobblestones. With the addition of acrylic paints, glazes and little bits of nature stuck into it you can make your bases into realistic settings for your figures.
Apoxie Base detail for Reluctant Prince from
Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams
(the base not shown in the book, but is worth a look).

Charlie Chaplin was a one of a kind commission
featuring apoxie over a wood base, apoxie hands
and shoes.

My elderly Satyr has apoxie feet base and cane. I'll have more on Ron Jocsak's photography tomorrow.
I've also used it to embed things like mosaic and the apoxie can be tinted with acrylics or dyes while mixing or before applying your mosaic tiles. It can be stamped into and with powders or paints the textures can really pop!

Journal cover for Travelling Doll Project 2010
Apoxie covers this chair armature and creates a wonderful work of art! 

I also sculpt figures with it. My Reluctant Prince was in Kerin's Book.
More on Ron Jocsak's photography tomorrow.
My Dragon Girl Amelie uses several different technique using Apoxie Sculpt.
More on Ron Jocsak's photography tomorrow.

Apoxie can be applied to anything to create wonderful boots and shoes. The boots for my Angel Warrior were built in stages, the heel was added to the sole and the boot uppers were built up into fabulous boots!
Elena my Angel Warrior was based on a book cover by Nalini Singh.
She uses apoxie in her armature her wings armature, sculpted upper body,
arms, handsand of course her fabulous boots. She's brand new in my
etsy shop today
. More on the wonderful photography in tomorrow's post.

My Ent was also made with apoxie, head and hands were sculpted with it and pine cones were attached with apoxie. 
Kerin has organized a whopping 108 prizes for this blog hopping book tour!
Just leave a comment on my blog post for an entry to win and at the end of the tour I'll be picking six lucky winners for one of the following prizes!*
When you leave your comment just say where you posted (facebook, twitter, your blog, etc.) Each post is worth one entry in my drawing!

Prize drawing extended to May 26, 2011. (Please be sure your blog profile has an email address where I can contact you if you win. You don't have to post it here for security's sake, If in doubt try contacting me through my etsy page.)

1. Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Book
2. One Aves Power Pack (selection of their most popular formulas) from
3. Fluid Chalks Online Workshop by Lesley Venable on her The Art Of Altering site which features many other awesome online workshops
4. Two Digital Collage Sheets by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits. You can see her very unique and cool collection at
5. Sample pack of Silputty 40 silicone putty mold mix from Silpak. This is the formula Kerin recommend in the book that has the longer cure time. 6. 1 OZ ICE Resin and a mixed metal bezel from

But wait there is even more!!!!
7 Grand Prizes For Book Reviews*
Write your own review of the book! Any reader that writes a review ~ however short or long~ of Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams on or or before July 31, 2011 and sends an email with the title “Inspired Remnants Review” to will be entered in a drawing to win one of these prizes. 
Please note that your honest opinion is wanted on this review.

A) The art piece featured on the cover of the book, “Sacred Totem”
B) Power Pack plus extra Fixit Sculpt clay from Aves Studio
C) Frozen Charlotte Doll with digital tutorial “How To Crackle Charlottes” from Alicia Caudle of
D) Resin Clay Pendants online workshop by Kerin Gale from
E) Vintage Gentleman online workshop by Kerin Gale from
F) Choice of any one workshop being taught by Kerin and Charley at Art Is You retreat in Petaluma, CA. The registration fee and workshop cost are both waived.
G) One copy each of Jen Cushman's book, Explore, Create, Resinate and Susan Lenart-Kazmer's book, Making Connections plus ICE Resin and a selection of bezels all from
Here are the rest of the tour stops be sure to stop by each day:  
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May 9   
Beth Robinson, Strange Dolls 

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Brenda Schweder, Brenda Schweder Jewelry  

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May 12 
Kecia Deveny, Lemoncholy’s Flight of Fancy

May 13   
Rachel Whetzel, A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal 

May 14   
Shannon LeVart,  

May 15   
Marlaine Verhelst, Marlaine Verhelst Art Dolls 

May 16  
 Lisa Jurist, Mud Hound Studio 

May 17   
Michelle Bernard, Yesterday’s Trash 

May 18 
Kerin Gale, Remnants of Olde – Alan Rogerson feature 

May 19 Facebook Party! 
Apoxie Clay & Epoxy Clays Page

* Please note SOME prizes include shipping to U.S. addresses only.

ah, ha
You've read to the very end of my blog post so a special treat for you!
Here's a little photo demonstration of how I make my own buttons with Apoxie Sculpt.
Leave a comment about the buttons for your chance to win the six buttons shown.

Each button is about 3/4" wide.


 Hope you enjoyed today's spot on the
Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Book Blog Tour!
Good Luck on the Prize Draws!


Mary Ann said...

Excellent post. The new photography of you work really shows the detail. Love it:)

Mary Ann said...

Oops I forgot to say I did a post on my blog and I love the buttons:) Totally cool.

Gloria said...

Great Great Great! My favorite was Dragon Girl, but Peep was a close second, as I am a gourd artist and my first experience with Apoxie Sculpt was using it on gourds! Buttons! love them, now I know what to do with that bit of Apoxie Sculpt that I have leftover from a big project that I just don't have a spot for....make a button instead of wasting it!! Great stop on the Book tour.

Dena said...

Nancy this is fantastic!

I have been following the tour and I love your creations. I visited your etsy store, I love the Father. I just started making clay art dolls and I can't wait to see what I am creating 15 years from now. Thanks for all the links, advice and tips!

DJ said...

Buttons are wonderful. I can't wait to get started with this amazing product!

enchanted said...

Have been following the book tour and have to say that the book is absolutely wonderful, as is your work and the buttons too!

lizzie said...

Loved seeing your process. Your dolls are amazing and that chair!!!

Linda said...

Your dolls are amazing and you've inspired me to go try some buttons!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I never thought of making my own buttons! I am so very glad I saw this:) Wow, you really can do anything this this stuff! I can see that I am going to have to keep a good supply stocked from now on! Thank you for sharing:)

Terrielee said...

Hi Nancy!
What a *wonderful* tutorial on making buttons! Thank you for sharing! You're brilliant regarding the plastic wrap with the cutter! Great way to keep the tools clean! I'm so excited to meet you and become familiar with your work - I *love* it! I think we have a lot of common interests too!
Kerin's online book tour has been such a great gift of bringing artists together!
Oh! I've also "blogged" the event here:
Cheers! Tlee :)

Erin S said...

your work is amazing! Love the tutorial with the buttons.

sharon said...

Incredible work! I can't wait to dive in with this product! Thanks so much for the the quick tut!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post, nancy. so nice to have met you on this tour -- and how fun it's been! your dolls are magnificent -- love them! and your buttons are fun too -- i will have to make some one of these days.

Kerin said...

I love everything you've shared here . . . the beautiful artwork, the tutorials, the helpful tips-- just awesome!!!

So lucky for all of us you agreed to host a day on the tour Nancy!!! Thank you so much : )

Nancy Perennec Doll Artist said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. I enjoyed putting this post together. I love to share my adventures in doll making and new products. I hope you found it a great accompaniment to Kerin's inspirational and resourceful book.
Good luck on the prize draws!

CindyB said...

I love your journal cover and loving the tour. Posted to my local art group

Christine said...

Wonderful and very amazingly detailed work! I enjoyed seeing your work-in-progress photos too. Very interesting! Also, I like the tip on using plastic wrap with the clay cutters.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your amazing work! And I have a "thing" for green buttons-love them- but I have not made any myself or come across any handmade, yet. I'm posting on my facebook page.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Your pieces are a-ma-zing! Thanks so much for the button tutorial! I now have pendant (I make jewelry) ideas swirling in my head.
Shannon C

Caroline said...

Thanks so much for the tips and tutorial. Going to go back and read your earlier posts too!

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm lovin this tour and WOW your creations are AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on being featured in such a cool book! I love your dryad and satyr dolls!
- Jordan

Marina Yax said...

Thank you very much for your tutorial.Great idea how to make buttons.Also I like how you made rocks for base.

Anonymous said...

LOoove this!! Thank you for all of your wonderful tips and it does smell like stinky feet!! Colleen Peck

Patricia said...

Excellent work! I love the dolls you created. They show such personality and detail.
I haven't worked with Apoxie clay yet but plan on getting some soon. Not sure what my first project will be but the buttons are a great idea to use up any left over bits from a project.
Keep up the great work, it is beautiful.

Connie said...

loved the button tute at the end! your blog is a blast!

Ginny Diezel said...

I LOVE your work! I have been thinking about creating a line of jewelry with apoxie - now I KNOW it is possible, after looking at your fab beads! Thanks so much for this wonderful blog, jammed with beautiful work!

Sherry Goodloe said...

This is one of the best blog hops I've ever been on! Each and every one is just FILLED with techniques and tutorials and MORE. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us so much.

Looks like ice resin and apoxie sculpt is in my near future *smiles*

lindacreates said...

Thank you for the incredible information. Your work is amazing and so creative. Thank you for the tutorial on the buttons. They are beautiful!

Canace said...

Still running... trying to catch up

Great detail in your work.. beautiful buttons too.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just learned about this book and this special clay. I'd never even heard of it before. I'm already blown away by all I've seen so far and these buttons are no exception. You make it look so EASY to make them. Thanks for allowing me to enter your contest.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Awesome! Your artwork is wonderful. Each doll is so very detailed, I love seeing that an artist has gone the extra mile to make a piece of art really stand out. I've been really wanting to try the epoxy clay. Really inspired after purchasing the book last month at B&N. Then the blog hop came and I've seen so many versatile projects and I REALLY want to get my hands on some. Thanks for sharing the wonderful tutorial and the tips for using it. That will come in handy if I ever get my hands on some of the clay. Hugs!

Heather said...

Your step by step tutorial on creating buttons was super and informative! Thank you.

Denise said...

Your post on this "new" material is my favorite so far...LOVE the buttons...thanks so much for posting and participating in the blog hop and giveaways!

Gaby Bee said...

Love your buttons, and I've really been enjoying the blog hop...super cool!

Your dolls are absolutely stunning!
Gaby xo

ArtZhodgepodge said...

The tour has been fabulous. Love your button tutorial. Can't wait for my book to arrive

Lisa Gatz said...

I LOVE your work!! I hadn't thought of doing something as basic as reinforcing my armatures. Please enter me in the giveaway!

Deborah said...

Unbelievable. I love it that you are so willing to share your ideas and techniques. Love the Dragon Girl and the prince. I will be back to visit.